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parenting tips – calming a child’s tantrum

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parenting tips – calming a child’s tantrum

Tantrums tends to start before 12 months getting worse by age 3 and then tantrums decrease by age 4.

Manyf kids let their frustration on a weekly basis. Often because they are frustrated by not being able to express themselves well, their vocabulary is not developed enough to describe everything they feel.

Find out why the tantrum is happening

Your child may be just tired or hungry. They may be feeling frustrated or jealous. They may need attention and love.

Find a distraction

Sound surprised and excited, “woww … look a superbird”

Be prepared when you go out

Tantrums often happen when you are out in public, in shops, which can be embarrassing. It’s important to try and remain calm. Keep trips as short as possible. involve your child in the shopping or other activity, by talking about what you have to do and let them help you.