Govt forces School children to wear toxic face masks

 Some face masks used have been found to contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals. Government mandating school children to wear masks are forcing them to be exposed to dangerous toxic chemicals.

On analysis by scientists these masks were found to contain levels of formaldehyde and fluorocarbons that, when worn for extended periods of time, could cause dangerous levels of exposure to these chemicals. 

Formaldehyde and fluorocarbons can cause surface issues like watery eyes, burning nose and throat, as well as coughing, wheezing and nausea.

In essence we are breathing hazardous waste through our mouth and nose. Formaldehyde, aniline (a dye that is a known carcinogen), cobalt (used as a blue dye) and artificial fragrances were used to cover unpleasant chemical smells from the mask.



These masks have never been tested for either toxicity or any long-term effects on health, and there are now many scientists calling for them to be banned for non-essential use.

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