Vaccine? does Your Dr. know whats in it ?

Become Informed About Vaccinations: The Greater Good with Leslie Manookian

Leslie Manookian 15 years ago, heard that vaccines could cause harm. And thought that it was crazy, because she had always believed that vaccines had only positives. She didn’t think there was any potential downside.


The Greater Good with Leslie Manookian is a must see very research-based movie, she spent 10-12 years researching this. Should a child get vaccinated?

Leslie Manookian speaks: I think it’s a cultural belief that vaccines are only a good thing, and that they are responsible for the elimination of infectious diseases. And that’s not the full story. What happened was somebody told me that vaccines could cause harm, and I thought they were crazy, certifiable. And I thought, “You know, I’m going to go and find out for myself.”

So I went spent about 10-12 years researching the issue, and then making a documentary on the issue, and the documentary is called The Greater Good. And it takes a look at both sides of the vaccine issue, and it helps people to understand what all the different perspectives are from physicians, pediatricians, many scientists in the field, and then of course, parents and consumer advocates.

I’m not a doctor. I would never give medical advice. I think it’s really important that people understand that vaccines can have an impact on disease, but they can also cause very serious harm. And we don’t understand how much harm they can cause because we haven’t done the science.

So, I think it’s really important. And our biggest focus from the film, and biggest message from the film is: inform yourself. It’s so important for people to go out and do their own research. Because you can’t sue a pharmaceutical company, you can’t sue a physician, or any vaccine-provider. You can’t sue anyone if a vaccine goes wrong. And unfortunately, vaccines have injured and killed thousands of people.

what people don’t understand is that, that risk is not as small as people are told. There are many things you need to be concerned about, and investigate for yourself when you make the decision about whether to vaccinate your child or yourself. First of all, no government official or pharmaceutical company has ever done a study investigating the long-term health outcomes of vaccinated children compared to un-vaccinated children; which seems to me to be the most basic study you’d ever want to do. But they’ve never done it. No large clinical study has ever been done, in that way.

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    1. I’d really like to be a part of this community that shares the same interests.

    2. it’ll be interesting to see the stance taken by Insurance Companies when there’s a claim

    3. great perspective, there seems to be so many unanswered questions, it’s very difficult when Officials won’t show how they came to their conclusions 🙁

    4. The world needs God more than ever now. We need people to be educated, so they stop just following with their eyes, but follow with their hearts. thanks for an informative bible sharing site, Ӏ stumbled upon.

    5. I work with parents trying to teach these skills for speech and language development. It is so impressive that Molly has summarized and presented it brilliantly